Saturday, July 12, 2014

Macro Views Series: 2014 H1 Quick Look-back

A quick re-look at the performances of the trades suggested at the start of the year (see here)

A mixed bag here, but overall, a really good performance given the rates rally that surprised most market participants. The 5s30s flattener in USD vs EUR is a huge winner, so is the short collar in EUR rates, and all carry trades in EUR. The AUD receivers outperformed as well. The losers are the long dollar trade and USD vs GBP convergence. These ideas are still valid. Especially the USD/GBP short end convergence. I will follow up with more on that

And totally irrelevant to the above, as you gear up for the World Cup 2014 final this Sunday, here is an excellent piece on why Lionel Messi is impossible!

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