Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yet Another India Vs China Story

A very interesting piece from IMF Direct blog!

It captures how the trade integration within Asia has phenomenal compared to other regions globally for last two decades, centered on the China growth story. And it also highlights how this has resulted in increased synchronization, and increased propagation of growth shocks between regional partners. This, is claimed, has given rise to a high correlation among Asian economies, as they provide this chart for quick evidence

And when I look at this chart, I find India has a pretty interesting position. In fact some might argue, based on this chart, that betting on a Chinese shocks can be structured through short Australia and Korea and long India and Philippines, adding statistical leverage.

Although I am doubtful this negative correlation in economies will translate to the correlations in markets in the event of a severe chines slowdown. Irrespective of how good or bad the economic story is, India will face consequences on international financial flows if we see a real serious slow down in China. The question is what happens when the dust settles down. India is a net importer from China, with some overlaps of export to other developed countries. So certainly will suffer much less directly through a slowdown in China. In fact can even benefit from reduced competition in global markets. But by any means economic downturn of the second largest trading partner is no good news, even if it runs a net trade deficit.

But if the slowdown in contained, I think there will be some focus on this issue and India will see some part of the flows from the Asia focused funds, trying to limit Chinese exposure

In fact, long-term market correlation supports this. NIFTY has been much more correlated to S&P 500 ...

... than Shanghai Composite

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