Thursday, May 15, 2014

NIFTY: Are FIIs Really Overweight India?

I have my doubts

Here is an interesting article from the good folks from FTAlphaville

What is striking is that although the general feeling is that the FIIs have been "euphoric" about India and its' resurgence under Mr Modi as the PM, as I see, the data fails to show the same. Here are couple of charts to drive home the point.

So irrespective of what analysts at foreign banks says, I think a large part of the rally in the Indian equity markets so far this year has been driven by domestic buyers or may be even retail money. And a lots of potential FIIs flows sitting on the sidelines. Through the last phase of the election campaigns and actual elections, my perception is that FIIs have been cautious and decided to follow a wait and watch policy. And it would not take a dramatic positive results for NDA to kick start the next leg of the bull run. A simple confirmation of average exit polls prediction will do.

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