Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trivia: Dance of Democracy

The election time is here again in the largest democracy in the world. Here is a link from an old post back in 2009 (the last general election). A mathematical awakening for all those lost in debates over Mr Modi's ghosts from the past, Mr Gandhi's incompetence, Mr Kejriwal's lack of direction and irrelevance of others. 

Actually the only system that will work for you is a dictatorship in which YOU are the dictator!!

Jokes apart, democracy is built on institutions. I honestly don't mind lack of leadership, as long institutions  are strong. If you think a country is a super example of a complex system, it is far better for it to walk randomly and find direction through evolution and time, than hurtling at Mach 2 in a direction under a great leader only to realise later as a nation it was wrong direction to begin with. 

Have a great time voting. By the way the implied volatility levels where the options on Nifty are trading, my back of the envelop calculation shows if u want to cover the time decay from now till the election results are out, the volatility levels should be around 50%. That will be higher than the 2008 crash!

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