Monday, September 15, 2014

The Scottish Referendum: Do People Vote on Economic Rationale?

I guess hardly so. If they do, the Scottish Referendum is a no-brainer

But voting is much more emotional and political than based on objective for and against analysis

So take a break from all the talking heads on the net explaining to finest details on why the Scott should vote for NO. I think Felix Salmon got it closest

Thus are the lines drawn: on the No side, you have the hated Westminster elite, who have done a bad job governing the UK and a particularly bad job governing Scotland over the past 35 years. Many of them are Scottish themselves, which only really makes things worse. Meanwhile, the Yes side is young and angry and betrayed and proud and, most importantly, really Scottish: they live Scotland every day, and they want self-determination. They want to run themselves, to make their own decisions, rather than chafing under the rule of Londoners (of whatever nationality) who spend much more time thinking about Brussels or Berlin or Washington than they do about Glasgow or Aberdeen.
I still think it is close (being master of obvious!), but would lean on the YES side. That is of course not a preference, rather expectation of the outcome of the vote.

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